Milos island Sailors

The island of Milos is located about 85 nm. SE of Piraeus. Adamas is located at LAT 36°44'35'N LON. 24°25'28'E
Port Authority: Phone +30.22870.23360 Fax +30 22870 22100

SAILING: While sailing around the island of Milos you will see a unique display of coloured rocks and clear waters. According to sea conditions and the size of your boat, you may choose to circumnavigate the island due North or South: the landscape is beautiful anywhere. Excursions with local boats can be made from Adamas. Please don't litter the gulf! As winds are normally either from South or North, this keeps non-biodegradable trash inside, and the local inhabitants are very strict on fighting littering.

TIDES: Generally, in the Cyclades tides are small and rarely influenced by winds and atmospheric pressure.

VISIBILITY: It is generally very good. During the summer, at times, humidity and dust in the air may reduce visibility up to 2 miles. In some rare conditions, there is morning fog.

WINDS: Frequent winds from North. The Meltemi (NNE) blows in July and August. South winds are less frequent in summertime, but strong, over 8 Beaufort, and this explains why few boats anchor South of the Island of Milos. Northwest, Southeast and Southwest winds are less frequent. You may experience strange winds near the coastline, which is turbulence created by the geographical aspects of the island.

CURRENTS: They are not strong. Check well your charts while in the Kimolos strait, it is full of reefs and shoals!

LANDING PLACES: The gulf of Adamas is the ideal place to cast your anchor, both for sailing and motorboats. Pollonia offers shelter to only a few boats, as the small bay is full of local boats and piers are small. In Adamas docking is possible for some 40 boats over 30 ft., at a very low cost. A new, longer quay has been built in 2000. Water (non drinkable) and electricity is available. Refueling delivery service is made to quays both in Adamas and Pollonia.

VHF: Port Authority on channel 12 (gives weather forecast for the day after 8 a.m.). Fishermen use channel 8, other radios operate on channel 10.

DISTANCES: (from Adamas) To Serifos: 30 nm.To Sifnos: 24 nm. - To Kimolos: 13 nm. - To Folegandros: 35 nm.

Renting of Boats: few sailing boats available with skipper.

Excursions: available daily tours, from Adamas, Pollonia and Kipo.