Milos island Ferries


Ferries reach Milos daily from Piraeus and the Cycladic islands: Sifnos, Folegandros, Santorini. Also high-speed lines (Katamaran, 4-hour trip from Pireaus) take both people and cars. Very frequent changes are made in the timetable during the year, so please contact a Greek tourist office in Milos or book on line, to acquire schedules and tickets.

Our suggestion to those who arrive to Patra by car, or by plane to the Venizelos Airport, is to schedule the trip in those days when there is a late evening ferry. Allow sufficient time for boarding and transfer from Airport/Patra (at least 2 hours from the airport and 4 from Patra).

On sites like or, if they show no ships for the date you selected, this is not necessarily so: they just haven't published the schedule, yet. Try later!

News: Hellenic Seaway announces daily line Pireaus/Sifnos/Kimolos/Milos/Folegandros from July 4 to Sept.7, 2014. FlyingCat3 leaves at 15:30, arrival Milos 18:55. Return trip at 21:50 arrival Pireaus 0:45.

Also consider the possibility to reach Milos by flying from Europe to Santorini. From Santorini to Milos in the summer there is the fast ship "SUPER JET", with a daily trip with the follwing schedule: Santorini 17:00 > Folegandros 17:45> Milos 18:50. Return: Milos 09:55 > Folegandros 10:55 > Santorini 12:20.


Webmaster's note: In terms of customer service, i.e. ticket booking and timetables, prices and competition, organization, etc. the situation of internal ferry transportation in Greece is long from putting tourists at ease. It is difficult to understand why there aren't steady and timely timetables in a country where tourism is its most important economic sector.