Milos island Beaches

Milos beaches are unique! If the volcanic geological forms of Milos are interesting, the variety and colors of its beaches are impressive: they may be white, or black, with sand, small stones or ground shells. Their waters are always clear and may be emerald, green, pale blue or deep blue.

Milos coast is foul of small beaches that have been created by the continuous work of the sea on the rocks: see Sarakiniko, Agios Constantinos, Papafragas and Kapros.

Most of the beaches can be reached by well paved roads, others, like Kleftiko, can be reached only from the sea. Milos coastline has colours and forms of unique beauty, and should be seen by boat. Boat tours depart from Adamas and Pollonia.

Only during July and August some beaches (Firiplaka, Ag. Kiriakì,Firopotamos,Provatas, Mitakas etc) have chairs and/or bars. Paliohori, instead, has also restaurants.Hereunder we list the beaches you "must" see:

In the North:

Firopotamos: a small nice bay with fishermen houses
Mandrakia: a small jewel of small houses with truthful dwellings for fishing boats
Sarakiniko: a moon-like, incredibly white rocky coast with a small bay
Ag. Konstantinos: another shelter for boats through rocky passages
Papafragas: the sea enters the tiny sandy beach between tall, rocky walls
Pollonia: a nice sandy beach with trees.

In the South:

Paliochori: 10 km. from Adamas, perhaps the most interesting beach, with small pebbles. Hot spots from thermal water
Aghia Kiriakì: Long beach, sand and shell detritus
Tzigrado: made of perlite, snow-like sand entering a blue sea
Firiplaka: by Tsigrado, ample sandy beach with coloured rocks
Provatas: fine reddish sandy beach
Gerontas: small beach of black sand, arches and grottos

Others: Beaches and places within the gulf: Papakikinò, Hivadolimni, Klima, Fourkovounni, Agia Marina and Embourio. A must is also the beach of Plathiena, NW of the island. West of the island: Triades, Agios Joannis, Ammudaraki.East of the island: Paliorema, Kastana......etc.