Most people know the island as the place where the famous statue of Venus, or Aphrodite, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris, was discovered. It is only recently that tourism has noticed the beautiful beaches of this Cycladic Island, its rocks, its clear waters and landscapes.

Milos Island is "the Island of Colors" thanks to its splendid, manifold beauties of volcanic origin.

Milos is the most Western island of the Cyclades, in Greece. It has 4,966 inhabitants scattered over seven small towns (like Adamas, Plaka, Tripitì). The island is ample, due to the very large and beautiful gulf is in the very middle of it, which gives the island a horseshoe shape, for 151 km2.

There are more than 70 beaches, each one with its own characteristic and beauty. Milos does offer an interesting and unforgettable vacation. The months of April and May are ideal to see the island blooming, to smell its keen perfumes, and to ride around to see exceptional wild landscapes.

In September and October the color of the sea, the beautiful sunsets, and a gentle breeze give Milos Island a calm atmosphere and allow you a very restful vacation. The luckier people with boats (see “sailors”) will reach waters of blue, azure, emerald, green, red and violet colors contrasting with white or pink, or red rocks.

All the colors of the rainbow. You may see all these colors on a single spot at some places along the East- coast of the island. The nearby satellite islands also have secluded beaches and landscapes of great beauty.